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ስለ Dendro Hub

Image by Nitish Kadam

የዴንድሮ ሃብ ትስስር

Our Mission is to lower barriers to entry and increase accessibility and equity across the Global Dendro Community.

Our Vision is to provide a safe, stable online platform for dendrochronologists across the world to connect, collaborate, and engage in knowledge sharing.

DendroHub takes great effort in listing tree-ring labs, resources, & events relevant to the dendro community with the goal of increasing access to collaboration & tree-ring research for all. No fee or membership is required to access the site.

Image by Natalie Pedigo

የዴንድሮ ማህበረሰብን ማልማት

በአሁኑ ጊዜ፣ The Dendro Hub ምንም ግንኙነት የለውም እና ሁሉንም የዴንድሮክሮኖሎጂስቶች እና የዛፍ ቀለበት ሳይንስ ለመማር ፍላጎት ያላቸውን ለማገልገል አለ።

Image by Caleb Woods

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የእርስዎን የዴንድሮ ስራ እና የዛፍ ቀለበት ሲያጋሩ ልጥፎችዎን መለያ ማድረጉን ያስታውሱ! መጋራት አንዱ ሌላውን ለማስተዋወቅ ይረዳል እና ህዝቡን በዴንድሮክሮኖሎጂ ሳይንስ ላይ ለማስተማር ይረዳል።

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