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The online community for current & aspiring dendrochronologists from around the world! Search around the site for resources, dendro tutorials, current tree-ring labs, and more. Connect with researchers around the globe, read insightful blogs, and contribute to the forum if you have Q's or A's.

If you have suggestions, additions, events, or opportunities, please contact us for posting. Thanks for your support in helping further the mission of The DendroHub - promoting tree-ring research, easing barriers to entry, and increasing involvement & access for the Global Dendro Community.

The DendroHub serves as a place of information and connection to all things dendrochronology and tree-ring science. This project is and will continue to remain in progress, as new labs, research, and information are always being developed and require updating. Design & development is currently underway with collaboration & gratuitous support from tree-ring partners in academic, industry, and non-profit sectors.


Please visit the Tree-Ring Society (TRS) and consider joining with a membership to TRS! Your support helps sponsor scholarships for travel & conference fees and supports awards such as the Florence Hawley Ellis Diversity Award to aid in "Advancing Diversity in Dendrochronology for Early-Career Scientists". Your membership with Tree-Ring Society makes the AmeriDendro & WorldDendro conferences and publication of Tree-Ring Research possible. There is a 50% discount on membership fees to students, retirees, and colleagues in developing countries. Membership includes a subscription to Tree-Ring Research, conference information, and conference discounts. Visit TRS Online.

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Expression of Interest for the 11th WorldDendro 2024

The Tree-Ring Society (TRS), as the primary dendrochronology association sponsoring the meeting, welcomes expressions of interest for hosts of the next WorldDendro Meeting. WorldDendro is an international scientific meeting held approximately every four years that reflects the diverse disciplinarity inherent in dendrochronology. The WorldDendro meeting should reflect diversity in gender, career stage, institutions, and tree-ring disciplines. The four most recent WorldDendro Meetings have been held in Thimphu, Bhutan (2018), Melbourne, Australia (2014), Rovaniemi, Finland (2010), and Beijing, China (2006).

We invite organizations or groups interested in hosting WorldDendro 2024 to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the TRS for consideration. EOI should include the proposed location, committee structure, aim and scope, and how diversity, equity and inclusivity will be included within the entire programme. If applicable please also include Visa requirements for the proposed location and institutional or other types of support (in-kind or financial) the proponents anticipate.

Please submit your EOI (maximum 3 pages) to the TRS at: trslori [at] by March 25th 2023.

The TRS Executive Council, with advice from the Association of Tree Ring Research and the Asian Dendrochronology Association, will review EOIs and request full proposals based on an assessment of the criteria listed above.

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